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Bones (Kosti) SPOILER: Inside TV's Spoiler room: 9 Mart

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Have fun at the Bones panel! Bring back something juicy! -- Karen

I did have a blast! (Full report here.) And I even brought back a present: Scoop on those four stand-alone Bones episodes! While they don't have airdates yet, creator Hart Hanson tells me that they "took some creative chances" with this batch. "If they would have been in the normal season, maybe the network may have [been apprehensive]," he said. "But we got a little poetic license." One of them? A 9/11-centric episode that brings all the interns together in a creative way, another that is from the point of view of the murder victim, one that deals with identical twins, and another that finds the remains glued to a living person.

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