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On the Set: David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel Talk Bones Baby

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Back in 2005, when a cocky FBI agent first joined forces with a bookish forensic anthropologist to solve crimes, David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel never could have envisioned their mismatched characters sharing not only a home, but also a baby, in the year 2012. But here both actors are, sitting for their first interview in Booth and Brennan's cozy new living-room set — complete with crib and stuffed animals strewn about the floor.

The series returned April 2 for the first of seven new episodes, with Temperance "Bones" Brennan and Seeley Booth already living together in anticipation of the birth of their baby daughter. Deschanel (the real-life mama of 6-month-old Henry) and Boreanaz invited TV Guide Magazine into their "home" to discuss the major changes Bones has undergone since their characters finally hooked up and Deschanel's real-life pregnancy was incorporated into the plot.

Boreanaz: Welcome. This is the first reporter we've had in our new house.
It is. Very exciting!
It's a good reflection of where Booth and Brennan's relationship is now.

TV Guide Magazine: And where is that exactly?
They have their beautiful baby girl, but they're still learning how to live with each other and clashing over things like marriage and baptism.
Deschanel: We still have the same heated discussions, but now the stakes are even higher for us to get along, because we have a child.
We're both still racing [to the next crime scene], which is great. We continuously want to push the button of the competitiveness and the sexualityness.
Deschanel: "Sexualityness." I like that word!
Is it a word?
Deschanel: It is now. Mr. David Boreanaz, call Webster's!  

TV Guide Magazine: Love what you've done with your home, by the way.
Didn't Booth do a beautiful job? He's very quick at redoing a house.
Boreanaz: Actually, for our first episode in the house, I thought it looked too perfect. I wanted some appliances not to work, which would be more like Booth and Brennan, so we disorganized it a bit.

TV Guide Magazine: What did the set decorators incorporate from Booth and Brennan's individual homes?
His baseball gloves, models of toy cars and planes are mixed in with all her goddess statues from her African journeys to Mikoupouku.
Deschanel: Mikoupouku? It is actually Maluku. [The actress rises and walks to shelves.] There are these artifacts and headdresses reflecting her cultural anthropology work. And this large airplane wing is from Booth's apartment.
And don't forget my minibar!
Just don't read what that sign above it says.

TV Guide Magazine: [Reading the sign] Car Wash: Best hand job in town. [All laugh] Good to know there's still some sexiness going on with this couple post-cohabitation and baby.
Boreanaz: Oh, yeah! They're just trying to figure out opportunities to get a little bit. I'm very familiar with that kitchen counter over there.

TV Guide Magazine: Fans are keenly aware that some hotly anticipated moments in Booth and Brennan's relationship never played out on screen.
You mean the fact that we had sex? [Laughs] People are dying to see that. I'm sure there will be something as the series goes on.
Boreanaz: We have this way of showing but not showing. If we show that, where do we go from there?
Well, we did see a bit. We saw me breaking down.
Boreanaz: It was vulnerable sex. Booth fell into the trap.
Deschanel: Oh, my God. I came to him...
...with open arms. It's not fair for us to guess exactly what happened after that.

TV Guide Magazine: Your exec producer Hart Hanson tells us he does want to show a sex scene next season, after the infant's older. How do you feel about shooting that?
Wooo! But we're not having any bedroom scenes right now, thank God. I just had a baby [in real life], who comes with me to work every day. Give me a little time.
They won't be attacking each other ferociously over steaks they're grilling outside.
Actually, David has a cold now and it was written in a scene that he gives me a kiss, and I was like, "He is not kissing me!" So we cut the kiss. We still have some make-outs, but not in the usual way. We make out at a crime scene. [Watch for "The Family in the Feud" episode, airing April 30.]

TV Guide Magazine: Have they at least built you a bedroom?
Oh, yes. That's where the magic happens off camera.
We were going to take you there, but you're not allowed.
For more on Bones, pick up this week's issue of TV Guide Magazine, on newsstands Thursday, April 5!

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